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Suburban Noize Records is a label that was produced by Brad X. There are not so many bands the are with Suburban Noize Records because Suburban Noize Records is more like a label for SoCal bands that ... well i dont know .... underground i guess. The bands in Suburban Noize Records are Kottonmouth Kings, Mix Mob, The Judge, Bobby B, Johnny Richter, The Judge, The Phunk Junkies, Pakelika, Shakey Bonez and the new Sub-Noize family members, Mower.
This website is a website to get your daily news, and information of Kottonmouth Kings (KMK) and Mix Mob. KMK and Mix Mob are bands who are labled by Suburban Noize Records and by the Productions of SRH. SRH is a productions that design clothing, make cd's and all kinds of other stuff and if you want to visit there website, simple go to Favorite Links then click on SRH. Suburban Noize Records is a label designed by Brad X from the Kottonmouth Kings. Suburban Noize has about only 10 bands and they are all from Southern California, mostly in the L.A. area down south to San Diego.
Here is what SRH are about:
Instead of sitting around and typing out some long drawn out boring description of how Ryan and I met and put the whole SRH thing together I decided to cut to the point. I would like to think if you live in So Cal you would know what we are about, but for those of you that are just getting turned on to the spade, PAY ATTENTION! We are about making sure you get represented in this world; The kid who wakes up every day skates to the beach gets a couple waves ends up at school or work, and spends the rest of their night partying and listening to music that your parents hate. We are punker kids from your local beach and suburban neighborhood that listen to Kottonmouth Kings, Pennywise, Sublime, and we surf, skate, snowboard, and ride dirt bikes. That pretty much sums it up. If you got excited about what you just read welcome to the SRH team. If you didn't like what you just read go back to knitting sweaters you yuppie nerd.

This was written by Kevin Zinger, Manager of SRH Productions.


Be sure to visit the srh website, if you want to go, then go to the links page and i will be listed on there.