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D-LOC: Vocals
PAKELIKA: Visual Assasin
LOU DOG: Drums
TAXMAN: Some Vocals, Dances, Stage Dives

  KOTTONMOUTH KING TOUR DATES: Sun -- 02.22.03 -- Mission Beach, CA -- Canes - 5:30p Show (16+)
Sun -- 02.22.03 -- Mission Beach, CA -- Canes - 9:30p Show -
- separate admission (21+)
Fri -- 02.28.03 -- Las Vegas, NV -- Huntridge Theatre
Sat -- 03.01.03 -- Anaheim, CA -- The Grove
Tue -- 03.04.03 -- San Bernardino, CA -- La Luna (Gotham)
Fri -- 03.07.03 -- West Hollywood, CA -- The Roxy Theatre
Sat -- 03.08.03 -- West Hollywood, CA -- The Roxy Theatre
Fri -- 03.21.03 -- Arcata, CA -- Club West
Sat -- 03.22.03 -- Orangevale, CA -- The Boardwalk
Sun -- 03.23.03 -- San Louis Obispo, CA -- Slo Brewing Co
Sun -- 03.23.03 -- San Louis Obispo, CA -- Slo Brewing Co -
- separate admission (21+)


Well, about time i post a little bit of news on Kottonmouth Kings. Kottonmouth Kings say this is going to be there best year yet. This year they have a few records coming out such as Pakelikas record, Taxman will have a dvd or some shit, KMK will release a new DVD, a new cd with all there shit live, and there next full length ALIVE N RIPPIN. Kottonmouth Kings are currently on tour, and when they finish, u can only guess there hittin the studio to record there new shit. Thats all for now.


KMK is getting close to finishing there current tour. Once finished, they will spend most of there time in the studio because they have a lot of things going on this year including many releases that will be going down suck as there live cd, there next full length, taxmans dvd, tsunami brothers cd, and much more. Well, thats all i got for now.


Check out the Kottonmouth Kings site, its got a totally new look and its sick as fuck!!! Also, they will have a 3rd DVD titled "ENDLESS HIGHWAY" which will have 10 music videos they have made. Alot has been happening. There have been New releases, and more to come very soon! The site has a Tagboard also now, so TAG IT! And late this year will be there next full length, so get it. Im outtie

  BIOGRAPHY ON KOTTONMOUTH KINGS: Ok first off, some stuff i may say could be wrong because im not going to other sites copying the real thing.

Kottonmouth Kings have begun writing song and singing in 95. It all started with LOC and RICHTER growing up on the same street since they were 7 or 8. And LOC and X had the same basketball coach SWEET DICK WILLY, but in different times of there life. Back in 95 LOC and RICHTER and X were chillin in RICHTERS bus all high and shit, then started bustin out some flows. As i know BRAD was kinda suprised and said something about they should write songs and he can get them some shows. Then BRAD had a tape of LOC and RICHTER rappin and had LOU DOG and BOBBY B listen to it then they decided to join in on with them. Before you know it, there writting lots of songs and getting record deals.

In 97 Kottonmouth Kings released STONERS REEKING HAVOC with 4 tracks on it. It was sort of a demo then in 98, they release there first full length titled ROYAL HIGHNESS. Then in 99 they released there second full length HIDDEN STASH which is now hard to find. Back in these times is when SAINT DOG was with the group but left to work on a solo project then him and his bro formed a band USA.

After all this, RICHTER re-joined the group and in 2000, they released there 3rd Full length HIGH SOCIETY. Then in 01 they releast HIDDEN STASH 2, KREAM OF THE KROP. As these years have gone by, KMK started getting such a lot of fans its unbelievable, and its so unbelievable because they are a underground fan but it dont seem like it. Then recently they released ROLLIN STONED, there newest album.

Kottonmouth Kings have grown in the past years with music and fans and they only plan on it to get better and better. Late 2003 will be there next full length they release called ALIVE N RIPPIN.

If i had to make a vote, i would vote on KMK being one of the greatest bands from just gettin stoned one day just bustin some flows then all the sudden writing songs and releasing records because to me, it is such a unbelievable thing to do when you dont have it planned.